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South Africa

Published Oct 2, 2022

The Kingdom Dream Centre

By: The Kingdom Dream Centre

Help feed 3,100 South African school children a day In South Africa, thousands of school children are without basic necessities to get through the day. Their families, too, are struggling to make ends meet. Help The Kingdom Dream Centre feed approximately 3100 school children per day and provide sanitary packs to the girls. In addition, your donation will also provide clothing, blankets and toiletry packs to the homeless, sewing classes to unemployed young men/women, cook and feed the underprivileged living in squatter camps (shanty towns) and prepare a skills development centre for the young adults to teach construction and artisan training.

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Published Oct 2, 2022

Code Purple

By: Code Purple

Rehome families displaced by the pandemic Our mission is to help those suffering from homelessness, abuse, financial struggles, drug addiction and those suffering as a result of a pandemic. We provide education, housing solutions, resources, counseling and guidance to overcome their biggest problems. Through hard work combined with community donations, Code Purple and Code in Need aim to be able to direct and help provide individuals with employment, homes and medical assistance.

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Published Oct 2, 2022

Peacemakers Family Center

By: Peacemakers Family Center

Help and strengthen families in crisis Peacemakers Family Center serves all people. Peacemakers mentors individuals and families moving from crisis to sustainability. We partner with government, business, education, community-based and faith-based organizations to bring together needed resources for thousands of individuals and families every year. We are calling on the community to put their philanthropic tokens, Philcoin to use and help us expand our reach to almost 6 million people in South Florida.  Our culture is guided by our distinctive values. These values serve as a guide for our actions and behaviors as we serve the people of South Florida.

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Published Oct 2, 2022

Faith Love Outreach Worldwide

By: Faith Love Outreach Worldwide

Help build the next generation of youth and families Faith Love Outreach Worldwide connects, empowers and loves those in our community locally in New York City and around the world. From providing meals, backpacks and school supplies to mentoring families and encouraging them through difficult seasons. FLOW has help countless people through practical and tangible resources. Established in 2014 FLOW has become the go to place for youth, adults and families who are in need of various programs to help strengthen our community and build our next generation.

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Published Sep 1, 2022

New Life Bronx

By: New Life Bronx

Provide medical services and education to those in need Fund teams who are travelling through remote villages and treacherous terrain to help those in need in South America. The villages, and their people, are without basic necessities and care. New Life Bronx brings together a group of philanthropic individuals who are providing villagers with access to medical care, food, clothing and education - for both children and adults. But, they need your help as these missions require funding for all the basic care packages that make the long journey from the USA to South America. Every little bit helps.

1,366,636 PHL raised

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Published Sep 1, 2022

Mercy House

By: The Mercy House

Provide a safe space for women 1 in 3 women have experienced some form of physical violence by a partner, friend or loved one. Since the pandemic, incidents of gender-based violence have intensified. As a community, we can come together to help provide a safe haven for women who’ve been abused. All it takes is education, understanding the signs, and making a donation to charities like The Mercy House. Since 1971, The Mercy House has provided a place of life transformation for women impacted by addiction, abuse, despair, violence, and human trafficking. Thousands of women have been given a new story. The Mercy House provides a new beginning for women with broken lives with safe rescue in our intensive 12-18 month residential program. With care and compassion, we work to restore dignity, heal from destructive behaviors, rebuild families, and train for a better future.

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Published Sep 1, 2022

New Life for Adults & Youth

By: New Life for Adults and Youth

Give those suffering addiction a second chance For over 50 years, New Life for Adults and Youth has been a place of hope for individuals struggling to overcome life-controlling problems such as drug and alcohol addiction. New Life For Adults and Youth stands as a beacon of hope for the tens of thousands of young men and women who have found hope and healing through their program. Our faith-based ministry has recovery homes for men, women, and moms with children. Miracles happen daily in these homes as young people are freed from bondage to drugs and alcohol, violence, incarceration, abuse, and trafficking. New Life has helped alleviate the problems stemming from substance abuse which is responsible for 11.8 million deaths each year. It provides hope and salvation to those who need a helping hand to continue life’s journey.

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Published Sep 1, 2022

Isaac TV

By: Isaac TV

Free children from slavery in Pakistan In Pakistan, children are forced to work in miserable conditions in the Brick Kiln industry. 'According to UNICEF estimates, two-fifths to two-thirds of all the working children in Pakistan toil in brick kilns.' Isaac TV in Pakistan is raising funds to help free child slaves - to give them back their childhoods, happiness and freedom. As a result, these children can regain their hope and families can rebuild their lives to break the inhumane cycle of child slavery.

315,631.17 PHL raised

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Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Belarus

Published Apr 14, 2022

Help 2,500 Ukrainian families

By: Philcoin Charitable Fund

Over 3 million Ukrainian refugees are displaced. Families are torn apart. Children are orphaned. Mothers and fathers are desperately trying to survive. We’re calling on our community to put their philanthropic tokens, Philcoin, to use and help alleviate one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. Click “Donate” to help support the various charities we’re partnered with who are tirelessly working to rehome, clothe and feed Ukrainian refugees. Funds will be equally dispersed to each charity and you’ll have the opportunity to see the difference your funds have made, as we send images of the families and charities we’re supporting and host AMAs with each charity to better understand what they do, and how their donations are deployed.